Level measurement in metallic tanks up to 140°C/284°F, straight and angled probe.

Level Sensors, Modular Platform | Food, Beverage and Dairy

Potentiometric, continuous level measurement for metallic vessels up to 3000 mm for process temperatures up to 140°C/284°F

  • Simple User Interface mit Display
  • Hygienic thread G1/2″ and G1″ (CLEANadapt), Tri-Clamp 1” – 3“ as well as Varivent® type F and N
  • Ideal for adhesive and pasty media
  • Minimum product conductivity typically 50 μS/cm

Replacement product for NSK-157, NSK-358

New level sensor based on the modular system platform

Innovative level sensor that is based on the modular device platform. The new platform strategy – that is used with this sensor – is based on a building-block principle that offers high flexibility in the assembly of individual sensor components.

In addition to benefitting from the advantages of a building-block system, users of this replacement of the NSK will also profit from the reliability with which these sensors provide measurements even in strongly adhesive and foaming media. For example, the device will dependably indicate that a tank is empty even in the presence substantial foam. Because of the short response time, highly precise metering processes can be reliably realized with the NSL-F – even in the case of alternating and pasty media.

Operating Manual

Operating Manual NSL-F (Deutsch)
Operating Manual NSL-F (English)