Mechanical 63mm gauge for hygienic pressure measurement in pipes/vessels

Pressure Sensors | Life Sciences

Hygienic pressure measurement for pharmaceutical industry – even for small pipe diameters

  • Process connection Tri-Clamp ¾”, 1″, 1.5″
  • Autoclaveable version with CPM or Tri-Clamp 1,5″ process connection
  • Process temperatures up to 150 °C
  • Product contact surfaces electropolished, Ra < = 0,2 μm
  • Conforming to 3-A Sanitary Standard

Further information:

From now on with the EK a hygienic pressure gauge with a housing diameter of 63mm is available that offers the customer a Tri-Clamp ¾” and 1″ connection. With the CPM system this pressure gauge can also be installed in pipes with diameters of 1/4″. This very compact pressure gauge was specially developed for a growing number of applications that need both – a small housing diameter as well as a compact, very precise, hygienic process connection.